Being environmentally conscious is at the heart of our activities at Rhino River Camp

More than just a fashionable statement, we work to minimise our impact on the precious natural habitat and to sustain ‘good neighbour’ relations with the local Meru people.

The camp meets most of its energy needs through solar and hydro-electric power, using the abundant sunshine and the flowing river of the area to full advantage.

The water is heated trough high-efficiency solar panels. This ensures that our guests to have hot water 24 hours a day only using renewable resources.
We use low-energy bulbs and devices in order to minimize the generator hours.

We collect the water for the minimal necessities of the Camp through a pump driven by the force of the flowing river alone.

We differentiate our garbage collection which is then disposed of appropriately.

With regards to the Community neighboring us is concerned, we operate a scheme whereby the people receive a percentage of the profits made by the camp, ensuring that they benefit from our presence in the area.
As a more tangible gain we employ local villagers providing skills and training and thus ‘building capacity’ wherever possible. Furthermore we buy local produce for the consumption of the Camp.

Rhino River Camp encourages its guests to visit local schools, farms, and villages and to donate, always unsolicited, to the Community if they wish to do so.

As a result of all that, but primarily thanks to the friendly attitude of the very nature of the Meru people, you’ll see many happy faces around Rhino River Camp!

We are always looking at other ways to further reduce our impact on the environment and ensure the sustainability of our own camp, the communities of the surrounding area, and the forest ecosystem.

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